Emergency Life Support

The most noble act is to save a life. With the Life Support Simulators and Emergency Training Manikins, we ensure that we provide the right training for everybody; whether they work medical field or not; to react the right way in Emergency situation.


Basic life support is skill to be applied in an emergency situation. it can be provided by non-medical experts who went through the proper training, because it does not require the use of drugs or invasive interventions. The goal of this trying is to teach everybody how to support the airway, breathing and circulation. The training also includes cases like cardiac arrest, drowning and airway foreign body obstruction.


Unlike the previous category, Advance Life support is destined to medical experts as it requires the use of drugs or invasive procedures to save lives. For that, during training on manikin intubation, balloon ventilation and using defibrillator are possible. As well that the practice of a pneumothorax, the use of ECG or even training to treat wounds.

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